Sweet site

Hello from Nebraska, I would like to say this is a very sweet site indeed, although I know very little about busas, fact is ive seen one in my lifetime. Ive been a v-max fan for years though. Question- what will a stock busa run a 1/4 mile time in approx.?? I have heard a few people say that pre 1989 v-max was the only bike to ever go toe to toe with stock busa times. I know, I know the top end of the busa will blow the max away but I was wondering about 1/4 mile time comparasins, thanx for any feedback
It all depends on the rider. Bone stock busas have seen as low as 9.30, riden by Suzuki's own pro-racers. But you'll probably see around 9.7s by 'good' racers and upper 9s, low 10s by the more casual racers.