i was wondering what are the specs on the busa's. such as 0-60mph time, 1/4 mile time, max speed, horsepower and engine size, etc... and also are there differences in these numbers in the years of the bikes...like does the 99 have more hp than the 01 bike...plz let me know eveything u can . thx -steve


0-60 is about 2.75 sec
1/4 mile 9.8 stock with good rider; Bike Rider mag, posted 9.56 with some mods, but a 10.20 stock.
Bike Rider mag also posted a top speed for a stock hayabusa of 192.4 mph, but i've seen other mags with 189 to 194mph.
stock horsepower averages about 156rwhp. Mine started stock at 148rwhp, and after full exhaust, air box mod, remapping, i'm at 165rwhp, and 104 f-# torque.
engine size is 1298cc
starting with the 2001 model, suzuki decided to restrict top speed to 186mph, but this is easily defeated.


Can anybody get me DOT specs and EPA specs that have to be met for US bikes? I bought an Australian version and now the US won't let me register the bike... Grrrr....


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Your bike is an E-24 code for Australia. In Hawaii, it is E-03 which is US except California (E-33).

Your code should meet the noise and emissions requirements. Check the labels on the right side of the bike on the frame, above the clutch cover. What does it read on the noise and information labels? Do you have a PAIR valve installed? Remove either lower cowling and look for a box with four tubes connecting to right below the exhaust ports, a large tube going to the airbox and a small vacuum tube going to the throttle body, the box is right above the oil filter. If you have the stock cans, read the imprint marked on the side of the cans.

I'd give Suzuki a call and get them to give you a spec sheet. I do not see any other reason why an Australian bike would not pass the US inspection.


My best time at the 1/4 mile is 10.725
was running 11.203's then replaced the front sprocket- that knocked an average of .5 off the time. have then added the yosh full ti exhaust system- k and n air filter- now it will always be in 10.7-10.8's. I took it down for a dyno run at willow springs. showed a 166.3 hp reading- I weigh about 205 w\out gear. run the bike at LACR. If I run it closer to sea level they say it will run from .5 to 1. seconds better in the 1/4. I'll just have to wait and see.
Love the bike.


Thanks for your input. I have a stock bike and the exhuast pipe says the exact same thing that the american bikes say (I compared them) and the dB level is the same also. I contacted North American Suzuki and they were really helpful. I had already tried Montgomerey motors which handles the importing for Suzuki bikes here in Hawaii, and they were total bobos. I hope the lady that helped me out at Suzuki North America gets back to me soon... I'm dying here! How did you get the information about E-24 and what that meant?


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I've got the shop manuals.

I see no noted differences. The only bike that is different is the California bikes, and, of course, the US bike that do not have the PASS switch, headlight switch or finder light. But, again, none of that should not be a problem in getting it registered.


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I thought it was kind of interesting this being one of the oldest post I could find on this board. My how things and perspectives change over the years!
I tip my hat to you CAPTAIN, how you keep this all going I'll never know.



damn, with my 2002 Stock Hayabusa, I dyno'd at 162 rear wheel horsepower. This was in Tampa, Florida, and it was about 55 degrees outside. the bike had 1500 miles on it, still running petroleum oil and 93 octane.

I was more than happy with those numbers


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