Am in the market for a good anti skip cd player for riding. I know an mp3 player would be best but was just curious if anyone had a line on a cd player.
Get an MP3-CD player. They have had portable units for some time that will read CD-RW discs and have a large anti-skip buffer.

I haven't been in the market, so I could not help you with models/brands. Just hit the stores and look product ratings/sites, etc.
I know you mentioned you didn't want a MP3 player.. but....

I don't understand why anybody would wanna try to do the CD thing.. even if it buffered the entire album.

I paid about 120$ for the little memorex (I think) kazaa mp3 player at walmart.. it's about the size of a pager, and it's the greatest thing I've ever used for music on a bike. Holds on average 2 hours of music... never skips.. batteries last about 5x as long as any cd player I ever had, and the sound quality is excellent.

You can actually stretch it out to hold probably 4 hours of music if you put the bitrate down to 64 or something. I've always left it at 128.. (really close to cd quality, so I've heard anyway)

I'm sure you can find a CD player that will work.. but.. why would you want to? almost like buying a 8 track player in the mid 80's or something... like ... What?

I've tried LOTS of different ways to listen to music on a bike.. and after buying this was the only time I was ever happy with the results. I just plug it into the computer when i wanna change the playlist.. pick the songs I want from CD's, or MP3's i already have.. tell it what bitrate to convert it too.. and let it transfer... takes all of 10 minutes if your slow.
Arcos makes a 6 gig MP3 player along with the 20 gig. It is just half the price. I have one with 80+ songs on it and have only used 350 meg. Eddie Murphy Delierous is also in there. It uses 4 rechargable AA batteries, and they charge in the player. It is actually a portable hard drive. Works excellent. It doesn't take up near the space you would need for multiple cd's for a full day of riding.


Hey Kerb,
You may also want to consider minidisc. It has the same capacity as CDs but the disc is enclosed in a case, less prone to skipping. Plus, it's a smaller unit that can easily fit the pocket. I have one that I use when I ride but the downside with it (so with a CD player) is the limited amount of playing time. After about an hour of riding you have to stop and replace the disc unless you have the "repeat" function on. But who wants to listen to the same disc over and over. I've been thinking of getting an MP3 with 128 mb and built-in radio. In Toronto it retails for Cdn$249.00. Does anyone know of any sound system that can be stashed under the rear seat? It must have a small footprint to fit that area. If that can be done then all you have to do is get a helmet-mounted speakers (which I have). Good luck.
hey junbug, where did you get the headphones for the helmet? Did you have to make mods for the headphones to fit in your helmet. I was reading this one mag that had these headphones that was made just for motorcycling. They cancel out noise and let you listen to your music. The only problem, they wanted $139.00 for them. I'm still considering it, but right now having a hard time swallowing that much money for headphones. I'll list the website when I locate my mag.  

Hey Kerb.....I ride with headphones every time I ride. I have a sony personal CD player that I tuck into my tank bag. I have NEVER had it skip. Thats with numerous wheelies and no problem. Nuthin like a little Disturbed or Collective Soul on a ride to stir the soul. The headphones I use squeeze into my ears like ear plugs. They are made my Koss. Highly recommended.
 Nuthin like a little Disturbed or Collective Soul on a ride to stir the soul.  
haha, theres a combination you don't see everyday.

Good taste in music though.

I couldn't use those kind that go in the ear. It drove me crazy.. like a bug in my ear or something. haha. I took a pretty good set of traditional headphones and cut the actual speaker part off the "headband?" part. Then I put the speaker part into the little pockets in the helmet. Plenty of volume, plus I don't it stuffed right in my ear. The only drawback is it takes quite a bit of effort to put them in, and out. They are normally in there even when I'm not planning on listening to music, plus the chord is a minor annoyance.
I still use a minidisc player...I bought one/recorder about two years ago when I thought they might be the next CD....not really used much but they don't skip for bet is to buy a portable MP3 player and just download from Kazaa or Morpheus.
Sled: they are pretty expensive. Still trying to decide if it will be worth it. Cancelling out outside noise and listening to music is what I'm after.