Sound while riding


The Watcher
Most of the time I do not like music when i am riding, however there are times. I just installed the Samsung Yepp (yp-35) mp3 player. It has dynamic SRS and while hold about 4 full CD's 128meg model. It is no bigger then a large lighter, battery operated and sounds better then a lot of big steros. it has stero ear buds. 5 star ninja Eater rating. Easy to install ripper on your computer through USB port.
Are there any good helmets with a built in jack for a MP3 player?  :drink:  :drink:  :drink:
THERE ARE A FEW. None that I would call real good. Better of going in the helmet. Install on the bike is easy.

1. Place in your pocket
2. Turn on
3. Connect head phone buds.
4. Listen.

:D :D
Computer install is even easier :bounce:
:rofl: Ummm, ok. Simple enough! :cool:

You did originally say that you installed it tho... :super: