Stupid Black Friday Sales....must resist.

Normally 6500, with the best I've ever seen before at 5500. Like I said, stupid black Friday sales...
The Paxton kit advertises 615hp range... What makes you go for the roots? I've heard better off the line torque. But it seems a little limited on the high end. was my first Mustang. My son bought this one from me and it has 60K plus on it now. Still runs hard.

In her current form. 19" wheels, new hood, FRPP handling pack, Magnacharger, and a short throw shifter with a Stage II clutch.

it's only money and Black Friday is almost over :poke:

not trying to be a bad influence or anything :thumbsup:
Too late...

They are back to "normal" pricing now...

It's never too late to call and offer to buy one for the discounted price. :thumbsup: