Stock Busa Reliability vs....


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boys and a coworker that is considering a hayabusa. He has a honda blackbird I believe. He wanted to know if the busa is reliable or will it always be in the darn shop preventing him from riding.

I told him I have had absolutely no major or minor problems with my stock 2003. I filled him in on some issues of years gone by.....starter gears on the 2002. cam tensiioners on the earlier busas....and some snapped drive chains with 5,000 miles....but the only real serious problems are those that abuse the busas.. or wheelie the hell out of them or put turbo chargers on them or heavy mods done by incompetent technicians...

What can you folks add here re: busa reliability, williingness to take bike cross country without breaking down....etc etc..

What sayeth you all.....?
stock 2001

never went in the shop for any kind of problems

i had to replace the battery after one winter cuz I didn't maintain it
Haven't heard too many serious reliability issues with the Busa than those already mentioned.
2003 - no problems....13,500 miles of hard riding. Just maintain it. Oil, gas,tires, and plugs are all that I've replaced.

03 7k miles, full exhaust, PC. Its been ridin' hard, but well maintained....never had a problem.
Silver/Graphite '03 here...been riding the pi$$ out of problems 1,840 miles on the odo!!! LOL!!!!
'Prox 12,000 miles on my '03. No problems to speak of. I've only had it in the shop for routine maintenance which I'm too lazy or too incompetent to do myself!

Did my last oil change, though! LOL

I swore I'd never own another Kow after my ZX-11. I had to replace the tank and carburator cause water got in the tank after been left outside by the stealership with the cap open. I have no qualms about riding any distance on Bessie. No problems in 10k miles.
My '04 is a year old this month. 19,300 miles no problems, just keep up with your maintenance and you will be fine.
I have never owned a blackbird... so I dont know how to compare a Busa to that one! But I can sure vouch that the Busa is one reliable machine...

As a matter of fact I have never heard of anyone complaining about the reliabality of the machine!
I had an 02 Blackbird, it was a great bike at the time. The Busa is hands down a much better bike. The only thing I liked better about the bird was the trans.-it was very smooth shifting and quieter. My busa fly's away from the blackbird. Just my opinion