Sticky throttle and gas brand choices


Over the past several months, the throttle on my '04 w/7k miles has been getting sticky and the idle became erratic.

If the bike sat for a week, it took more effort to break the throttle loose than I liked. Plus after reading another post about his throttle sticking open, I reflected on how that might be a life-changing issue in certain circumstances.

So I removed the air cleaner box, and found the insides of the throttle bodies had a sticky film on them. Wiping the insides with carb cleaner, using a toothbrush on the hard to reach areas and spraying the external areas at the throttle shafts resulted in the throttle moving free and easy again.

At the risk of starting a controversy like the discussion of the what are the best oils or best tires, I offer some info from recent tests by GM.

Some modern blends of pump gas have been causing problems for injectors and therefore GM studied which brands of gas were most effective at keeping the fuel system clean.

The best gasolines for this purpose included a number of brands that were not tier-one gas suppliers but the major brands were Shell, Texaco, and Chevron. [But Chevron is mostly what I've been using]

Also they found Chevron FI cleaner worked well.

As for gas stabilizers, Mercury Quicksilver was the only brand they found effective (but I don't know what brands they tested).

Anecdotal: A friend who has a summer residence and therefore has half his fleet idle for about 9 months a year has had no gas deterioration using Sea Foam over 15 years.
Can't add to this thread as I use Chevron exclusively. I have always bought gasoline from Chevron (since 1986) as I charge my gas purchases. Never a problem. (so far)

To much money to carry around anymore for fuel now.

i wont use sunocco gas,I'd rather run empty then put that sh!t in my tank..I had a 76 trans am and everytime i got sunocco gas the carbs would give me fits,used to leave a black film all over the throttle bodies,i used exxon or mobile and no problem at all,there are no more mobile stations,they were taken over by luke oil co,thats who i use now or wawa gas,dont know what brand that is but no problems to speak of with it.
99% of time I use Chevron/Texaco in Fl with no issues. Also run the good stuff.Not that bike needs to run on it.

However I have my Gas CC though them. Funny they upped my credit limit last month from 300 to 1k. Wonder why?

Seafoam 4TW! Can buy just about any Car parts store.

Also you mentioned "Carb Cleaner". You have to be careful on what you use to clean with. Regular "Carb Cleaner" can eat away at throttle bodies and injectors. Read the can it will state that. They sell different types of cleaners.
I pulled my throttle assembly apart and used Dryphite which is a solvent-based graphite lubricant. That stopped the sticky throttle I had and increased overall throttle response but it was due to cables needing lube. I also use a spray bottle and hose the intakes with BG Products 44K injector cleaner which seems to remove most of the gunk buildup. You can use the Dryphite on all the throttle linkage as it will penetrate but not destroy any seals. I discovered this product in the course of cleaning and refurbishing my weapons. Using good gas will also help. Hope this helps....
I just replaced my throttle cables. The cost was just about the same as a can of cable lube.
I just noticed your in throttle got stuck the other day because it was so humid out,thats what im blameing it on anyway,I was coming over a crest and found the light on the otherside RED,i let go of the throttle like i always do and down shift and brake together,well i was unpleasently surprised to find my throttle got stuck!!!!! grabed the brakes the rear harder then the front because i was coming down a steep hill and it wouldnt have taken much to do a endo,skidded about 50'...this all 5:30 in the morning on the way to work...needless to say,i was wide awake after that,will be more aware when humidity is a was like 100% humidity out...just like florida is EVERYDAY!!!
Although humidity can't cause metals to swell, it can some plastics, particularly nylons, to swell. But I don't know if the throttle shafts ride in nylon bushings.

Fortunately, our 'busa's have throttle return cables so it might be possible to muscle the throttle closed by twisting it back.

In any case, glad to hear you kept it under control.

Let us know the solution (the humidity won't be going away soon in FL).
Well, cleaning the throttle bodies was only a very temporary fix.

Time to dig deeper. I hope it's only a cable but it doesn't feel like that's the problem.
Removed cables and throttle position sensor -- found these are not the problem.

Anyone have a problem (and even better an easy solution) with sticky throttle body shafts?

It would be great if I didn't have to remove and disassemble the throttle bodies.