Starting My Winter Mods!

Well the forks don't look any different so no pics of them. Here is the Penske.

the wheels are beautiful! badazz top clamp setup too :)


Topped mine off with Gilles Variobars and these... :)

Funny thing is I'm ditching the rims. I got a smoking deal on a set of BST's. So if you know anyone who wants a set of PM wheels 05-08 gsxr 1000, let me know. :laugh:
ok I thought you would have to
I have 08 gsxr 1000 forks on my bike which are the same forks
so are you wheels gen2 specific?
Not quite. I originally got a set of 05-08 gsxr wheels was gonna do the spacer set up. I ended up getting a set of BST's for a good price. I should have them on Monday.

So, I'll be selling my anodized PM wheels soon.
Looks to be a nice overhaul. I need to invest in some aftermarket calipers myself. Did I read right that you are doing Gen 2 Fairings? I want to eventually do a GEN2 body on my busa and I guess I will go with Cataylst....I saw a bike done where someone just cut and molded the front fairing to fit around the GEN 1 gauges:thumbsup: Like the BST's I've always heard they don't really do much as far as performance but they sure look awesome
I'm not changing the fairings. The front suspension is GEN II stuff, with traxxion internals.

gotcha....Did you ever get around to running 18lb on pump gas on the A/W system you have that Toney built you? If so what were the intake temps? Any dyno numbers and at what lb of boost? I like how you went with 1363....When its time for a freshen on mine or whatever be the case I want to use the 08 crank and 83mm pistons like you have for 1400cc. Your bike is starting to have a nice amount of aftermarket accessories to compliment it:thumbsup:
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