Starting My Winter Mods!


Well not to much to report. I took a couple of pics of the front end of my bike. I sourced a complete GEN II front end and have it installed. Bolts right on. In addition I picked up a set of 09 GSXR 1000 monobloc calipers. I also have my cycle cat triple tree and handle bar risers installed.



My forks are now off the bike and will be on their way to Ohlins USA this week for a complete upgrade along with a new Ohlins shock. I also have a set of trick wheels on enroute to my house from Jon Reed at Sport Chrome. I cant wait to see them in person.

Things to come: New turbo, turbo header and dump pipes. Radial clutch and brake master cylinder. Probably the RCS's. New rotors, still debating what brand. CTS rotor, Brembo or Braking are what I've narrowed it down to.
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Re: Starting My Winter Mods! PM wheels update/pics

Well my wheels arrived today. I'm very happy with the deal I got. The PM wheels seem to be strong well made wheels and the Sport Chrome anodizing is pretty sick. Thanks Jon!



Looks good man! Keep up the good work and keep us posted with pics of the beast to be.
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New parts came today. I got my Brembo RCS clutch and brake masters, my Carbone Lorraine SBK5 pads and some billet reservoirs. Sorry for the grainy pics, I don't have my typical camera at hand so these will do for now.



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You can buy them if you'd like. I'll let em go for what I paid. I'm selling them becuase I got a smokin deal on a set of BST's.