starting issue (solved) 2001 busa, but now with more questions


I just started my yearly tear down and rebuild where it gets new fluids though out (besides the typical oil changes) as well as taking fairings and parts off to clean/relube/regrease, ect. I have had a starting issue for YEARS now. Always thought it was my battery and either to low CCA or just dieing out on me cause of the AZ heat. (also i have 63k miles, so i thought worse as well). either the battery would have to JUST been taken off a battery tender or a car charger for it to fire up without any issues. usually i was lucky to get it to fire up on its own like this for 2-3 days. Then I would have to resort to the "push start".. aka walk the bike while i hit the ignition for it to fire up.

I have the tail section apart and figured id check all the fuses and connection as well (didnt do this the last few times). I get to the rectifier and check it out. looks good and no "ribs" on the underside. but then i check the connector (see pics below). My question now is, since the rectifier still looks good and its the connector that looks screwed up, can i just put a new connector on where the bad wire is, pull the connection where it is suppose to go, and wire it that way *i am sure ill include an MS PAINT of my idea/question. or just get a new connector from suzuki america and wait forever. :banghead:

damn spelling errors in paint! red wire is what i am talking about as far as just connecting the 2 outside of the plug, and just plugging the rest back in since they r fine.
I would change the rectifier and also the connection.