Stalling when braking


I own a 1999 Hayabusa with a Yoshimura exhaust system and remapping fuel injection system.  I have owned the motorcycle for three years without any issues until now.

Four days in a row my motorcycle has been stalling when I brake.  In the morning when I ride to work it works fine, but in the evening it stalls.  I have notice on all four days atmospheric temperature was over 90 degree F.  The engine temperature is running normal.  

I check for vapor lock by opening the gas cap while listening for a hiss.  So far I have not heard anything out of the ordinary.  I have had a mechanic check the computer for warnings, but nothing showed abnormal.

Any advice or assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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And, I agree with what Stealth said... Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine.

My idle is set at 1,100 rmp. Normally when I come to a stop it drop and stays. When the motorcycle malfunctions it drop directly to 0 rmp.

Today I found out if I open the gas cap it sometimes clears the problem.

Thanks for everyone replies.

Weird......Since we're fuel injected the only thing I can think of is a fuel is getting to hot(from engine?) and is vaporizing the fuel causing vapor lock. But hey I'm just guessing here.