SS clutch line.


I ordered some new core moto front and rear brake lines but totally forgot to order the clutch line at the same time and the items already shipped, I read a good write up from @Mythos when he did his and said the clutch line is strictly for looks, but I have upgraded springs? Does the ss clutch line actually help with upgraded springs or is it just flash still?
The SS line probably will save some weight. The Galfer I put on my busa saved me a whole 1.05 oz!!!!

I have HD springs on my ZX-14 and that is one stiff clutch even stock....if going by the feel in the lever means anything. No problem with a kevlar line and Adams HD spring kit which was reportedly about as tight as you can buy. I didn't notice a dif with the kevlar line and stock springs. ...this is on my ZX-14 mind you but just to give you some direction...