Galfer ss clutch line


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Don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but I just put a Galfer SS clutch line on and noticed the threads on the lower bolt are finer than the threads on the bolt at the fluid reservoir.

Probably all you wrenchers know this already, but I thought it worth mentioning....
Hey Pward. Just to let you know that is why they give a couple different bolts. They give you coarse and fine...
Thanks Henry,

I learned a long time ago to check length and threads on bolts as they come out.

It was on an old beater with a leaky water pump and 1 particularly difficult to reach bolt, that just happened to be a tad longer than the other two. If that bolt didn't go back in the correct spot, the water pump leaked. It only took my three or four times to figure it out (I was young and stupid)

I'm just tryin' to pass along the knowlege...