SS brake lines


I plan on installing SS brake lines on the front of the 'busa this winter. It appears that aftermarket kits for the 'busa are two lines to the master cylinder.

Does anyone offer the SS lines in the one line from the master cylinder with the crossover, as the O.E.M lines are plumbed?

the dual mc line setup bleeds a lot easier than the other at least..
Yes, that option is available. I would recomend running both of the master but either way works.

I have the lines your looking for on my bike.I'll pm you where to obtain them.
I installed the HEL OEM "Serial" brake line kit today.
This is the third set of HEL lines i've installed on my bikes.
Honestly, at the level of street riding I do, I can't notice any real difference between the, "Parallel" setup over the "Series" setup.

With regard to bleeding the "Series" system,
start with the caliper furthest from the MC, and then the nearer caliper.
Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.(BTW: Don't do this by yourself. Find yourself Pumper)

Also before you bleed the lines, take the opportunity to replace the original pads with a set of HH pads, if you haven'y already done so.

I've also got a set of Pazzo levers, and honestly, this whole setup is a "Must do" and by far the most worthwhile and effective mod.
I always deal with Craig over at HEL in Florida. The guy will make you anything you want and ship out the same day USPS Priority. Great guy. I dont care for the Galfer....
I installed the HEL OEM "Serial" brake line kit. I can't notice any real difference between the, "Parallel" setup over the "Series" setup.
So I decided to install a set of parallel brake lines, running off of the MC.

I'm getting frustrated with the fitment and routing.

Anyone have a few pic.s of a fit they have that their happy with?

Thanks Guys.
That's why I went with the stock style by Spiegler, I can use the old guides. I don't know if you can run the dual parallel lines down and use those guides.

I had them made with an extra inch for the line up to the master cylinder to make up for the 1" bar risers I'm running.

As for the bleeding difficulties, I will use a Mighty-Vac and if I have to, I'll unbolt the caliper and hold it straight up while bleeding, that'll get all the bubbles out...