SS brake lines finally installed


Didn't have the nerve to do the brake lines myself. There's definitely a lot more "feel" when braking -- no mush whatsoever. Maybe the brakes just needed a good bleed, I dunno, but the ride home in the pouring rain this afternoon was all under control.

When my brake pads need replacing I'm going to upgrade to HH+, at least in the front.

I feel pretty good about my track day coming up in September -- now all I have to do is convince my dad to come also (I think he's afraid to take his SuperHawk onto the same track as the 'Busa :cool: )!
I changed my front brake lines and pads out a few weeks ago. This should be a mandatory modification for every Busa owner. When you have a bike that can accelerate like the Busa you need to have the braking power that can stop the beast. With the stock brakes I would have to grab a big handful of brake to slow down, now it’s just a simple pull and the bike starts to slow. I have made many modifications to my bike, I should have done this one first.

Goodridge stainless steel front brake lines - $35
EBC HH front pads - $32
Time - 1 hour