SPOILER ALERT Breaking Bad finale


Thoughts on the finale.
I personally didn't like the ending at all. Walt seemingly got away with everything. He didn't answer for any of it, and still managed to get his money to his family (presumably)
I always thought things were going to end so badly for hi, not simply dying in a methlab he helped design. He seemed genuinely happy to be there.
The ending was perfect. Left no strings hanging and like he said, he did it for himself. He liked it.

There is a moral here, the most dangerous person in the world is the one with nothing to lose.

There is no justice in the real world.

Edited to add: average people have no idea the mischief that can be achieved by true genius or creativity in the application of science. That is what I liked about the show, fact trumps feel. Thanks Vince.
Because of work I probably missed 70% of the shows but last night around one or two in the morning I got to catch the finale. Seemed about right to me. I'd hate to know what they want for the package they advertised afterwards, but in a year or two I might try to get all 61 episodes. I liked it.

And there's a lot of truth in what I saw of it. Unfortunately for our society crime does pay now-a-days.