Interesting ride today with pics...


We'll about 30 of us left out this morning on a memorial ride for a fallen brother. When several of us pulled up at a stop sign we noticed about 10 people in the group was missing?? Finally after a couple of minutes had passed here comes one bike with broken mirrors. This guy pulls up saying that a big pine tree starting falling down so he kicked the crap out of his bike to dart under it since he couldn't stop. Needless to say when he ducked his head the tree clipped his mirrors breaking them off, and scraped the top of his helmet and windshield!! :bowdown: We'll he made it, but the guy and his wife behind him didn't. They locked it up and ended up laying it down. Long story short, his day of riding ended early with a broke leg and scratched up bike, but at least he made out with his life. This could have been really bad had we all been packed up like we were earlier. Here's some pics.... what's the odd's of this crap:

Mason's Memorial Ride 003.jpg

Mason's Memorial Ride 004.jpg
That is crazy. Glad the injuries weren't too bad.
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Glad to hear it wasn't worse. There has been some strange things like that happen around here. At least two people killed, One , The tree fell on his car and anoyher young kid took his friend home and when he came back down the road a tree had fallin across the road. He ran under it and was killed. They were in cars. Tell your friend, we hope he heals up fast.
Last fall this happened out at Houston Woods State Park in Ohio during a benefit ride. Unfortunately, the rider and his wife did not survive....
You've got to be kidding! I'm sorry to hear that that happened, but glad everyone is okay (for the most part).
Damn trees! You always hear the stories of them jumping out in front of someone, now they've resorted to falling across the roadways. That's some scary shiz!

Wishing the rider and wife a speedy recovery.