Someone  please help this seller


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So as I mentions before I am looking for a second busa, prefereably the 05 limited. So while on Ebay I came across this add. I would say its a scam but the price seems about right. Can you trust a seller that flat out lies in their add? I am pretty sure it was more than 300 made worldwide, and they are still making the bike.

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Somebody posted about that ad on ebay maybe a week ago. I even emailed the seller telling him/her/whatever that more than 300 LE's were made and that Hayabusas are not discontinued...

I got a message back and that idiot still insists only 300 were made... what a moron!


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you guys should report these to e-bay when you see them, I'm going to keep and eye on him and see what other BS he posts.

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