So much for riding haha


South Dakota at its best.

Wow, it is way to early for that kind of weather.

Sent from my Jeep using smoke signals.
Wow, that must have been a an unpleasant surprise for you. I am just east of you in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area and we are 55 and rain here. Hope we get another warm up.
God I hope that stays out of New England until Christmas. That would be time for me to grab the board and hit the trails.:please:
Well I think the snow is finally done. I guess we got somewhere around 33 or so inches. Got a good 7 ft snow drift covering my garage and my entire back yard has including my back fence is missing. And the power outage for 28 or so hours. Yay.


Hey, please do me a favor,, keep the snow over there!
78 degrees, not a cloud in the sky here in north GA today :) We have some family in north Idaho, and I was surprised to hear that it has snowed twice already up there. No thanks, I'll keep my sunshine and sandals.