Smog crap


Ok, I have now learned through some emails to suzuki that the Canadian model is pretty much the same thing as the California model with the smog crap. So since I dont need that here in Georgia, anyone know exactly what I can take out and replace. The exhaust for sure, but what about the air-box? Anything else anyone know of? This smog crap makes me sick.
It's just the charcoal canister that is extra on those models. The throttle bodies have two vacuum ports on each cylinder, one is used just for the canister. From those ports, it feeds into one line which leads to the canister. From the canister, it goes to a tank pressure control valve, to the fuel shut-off valve and finally to the rear of the gas tank. Remove the hoses from the throttle bodie and cap them. Trace the rest of the line and gut accordingly.