New seat for the Busa?


Does anyone have any suggestions for replacing the seat on a Busa for a more comfortable model, so far, the gel seat by suzuki is all I know of.
i got the suzuki gel and im happy with it for the price.. now ive had a passenger and she wants one for the passenger seat.. does suzuki make a gel for the passenger also??

so grandpa how much do u want to spend? i know i saw one in the classified section or ebay (cant remember) with blue trim for sale like 150 or so.. but new ur talking some bucks i believe
There is no Tobin website but here's the link to some info and pics of his seats from that other hayabusa site.  ;)

Ninja Eater pimps 'em out as the best thing goin'. I gotta admit, they do look interesting.  :cool:
Not a problem. I'm still tryin' to decide which way to go myself. The stock seat really isn't that bad but I think there's definitely room for improvement. The Corbin looks a bit big, kinda like a Hardley saddle. The Suzuki gell seat looks ok but there are reports of the covering wearin' out and lookin' like crap. The Tobin is very interesting but I'd like to have the option of tryin' one out before shellin' out the bucks and havin' my stock seat cut on...
Tobin's seat is NOT for comfort!
It has LESS padding than stock, It is cut down for dragracing.
The gel seat is much more comfortable.
I love my gel seat. Even if it wears out every couple of years, for the $110, I'll just replace it. It really helps the bike look great and it's a good deal for the price.

Hey Sleeper I was kinda wondering about that. I had heard great things about Tobins quality and such but I was suspect about their long term comfort. I notice it will force you closer to the tank which is the opposite of what I want when I am out on a long ride.
I think I am going to go ahead an order a Corbin, mostly because they are designed to keep you from allways having to re-adjust away from the tank. I have heard that the Corbin seat can interfer with side to side transitions some but I figure at least it is leather and should allow easier movement than the Gel seat. Well that and Corbins quality...