199 Busa Ca Model, Smog stuff removed bike runs like crap


I have a 1999 CA busa , I removed the smog stuff and swaped tanks. My bike runs like crap ever since. Am I missing something? Do i need to swamp computer and wiring harness for NON CA model. I have 1 electrical connection with no vacuum line hooked up 2 it, but a vacuum line goes to it. P/N 079800-4990

1. intake cam on exhaust
2. BROCK stepped exhaust 4-2-1
3. Air Box mod
4. Power commander
5. muzzy fan
6. short stack on all 4 in air box

Please advise.

I need to start riding again.

99 Copper Busa
Need a little more info.. why did you swap the tank??? Where you having vapor lock issues??? If you swapped tanks from old to newer you must of swapped the pump...did you check it and cleaned it up? it can be a number of things...if you swap tanks and take the pair off you can still use your old ECU..do you mean you removed the canister or the actual pair system..give a little more info and hopefully we can help ya out...your in Vegas? if you were here id take a look at it..Ive done this with my 2000.
removing the smog stuff would not have done squat... CA emissions on that thing could not be more than charcoal cannister and AIR system.. neither affect performance.

Make sure vacuum lines are connected to the MAP sensor (little black thing with wires coming out) could be the device you are talking about without a hose to it.. (photo please) but try hooking vacuum line to it :)
check to make sure fuel is flowing from the tank (if not above)
if fuel flows free to pump (external correct?),
make sure filters are clear (crap from tank may have plugged)

EDIT: your part number 079800-4990 appears to be the MAP sensor... plug manifold vacuum to it and go ride.... :)
Re: 1999 Busa Ca Model, Smog stuff removed bike runs like crap

Well, It miss fires and pots on reving.

I was told to get a none CA tank.

I have a brand new fuel pump and filter assy.

I have an VAc/Elec connection, unsure where it goes or what it does. Dealer has been no help.

I capped off the canister vacuum connection.