Small oil leak


My 2007 Busa has an oil leak right above the kick stand area. It looks like a clear oil, some one said may be my slave cylinder leaking. It leaks right down on the exhaust and kick stand while parked. When I changed my fuel pump out I had the bike on stand and cleaned all oil from around that area and it didn't leak a drop more. Went out for a ride and when parked noticed oil drip is back. Is it a difficult job to pull slave cyl out and check, I have a service manual from cylmer.
It is fairly simple to pull the slave cylinder out and check. Mine did the same thing and I replaced it over the winter while I had it tore down for other mods and updates.
Yeah if it is the slave it's no big deal. My 99 leaks from that area too but I think it is coming from behind the water pump. Not a huge deal to fix either. Good luck.
Yeah, it's easy to replace, I think there are cpl of bolts, just make sure you have the replacement kit when you open, i.e. seal, spring etc. the kit is not too expensive from Suzuki.
Remember that you have to top up the MC and bleed after re-installing the cover.
Kip now that you say that I've looked good and your right it looks like it's leaking motor oil from the external shift mechanism cover behind the water pump. Holy cow clymers says you have to pull the engine to repair! Is that true?
Not the slave cyl it's motor oil and coming from the external shift mech cover behind water pump do you have to pull engine? Clymers says yes
I googled around a bit - I think the seal you are talking about is the front sprocket countershaft - you have to split the cases to get it replaced.

Mine was dripping from the bottom of the water pump and seemed to also run down onto a couple oilpan bolts. This is a separate deal - there is an o ring that seals around the water pump drive. Google busa water pump oil leak.

I sure hope that is what mine is.
Is it the the rubber piece that holds the clutch push rod BEHIND the slave cylinder? If so, not only do you have to pull the engine, but you have to split the cases.

If this is something you plan to do, get a Service Manual from Suzuki. It will save your bacon. :please: