Sleep... Who needs sleep?

Just wondering how long you all can go with out sleep? I am normally about a 15 hour person then I crash but have been going for 30 now and suprisingly still have energy and 3/4 awake.
Stayed up for 3 days in Germany during a field exercise, it was too cold to sleep cause the heater in my M60A2 was kaput.

I cruise through Radcliff almost every evening when I'm out ridin.

I live in E-town.

Lets hook up and ride.:thumbsup:
Yes there is another busa in the area!! I should be home around the 15th and always up for a ride. My roomate out here also has a Busa and the guy who rents a room in my house has a grand... I will PM you phone number... I live in the neighborhood behind US Cav.
Thats good. I was back home in Ohio in november 08 and it was great riding weather but jan and feb 07 made me regret going to knox


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A couple years ago i could go 3 or 4 days, :laugh:boy am i glad them days are over, but now just 1 day and its time for sleep.
I usually only sleep 4 to 6 every night. I have stayed up for 4 days while I was in the Army. I was doing penetration testing. We only had time to nap between driving from site to site. I was the one driving as well as an attacker. :banghead:
I nap when i want. I rest for 30 mins when ever i want to or fill like it when your retired a nice nap keeps you young LQQKING and riding a busa i want to be the 1st person on this site to be 70 yrs old next month to still ride a monster i hope thats the age :whistle:

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