Single topic debate #5


Okay, this one is a little vast.. Hard to make it a two faceted debate. But, here goes, in the land of poker, what do you think is the best game? My group and I tend to play a hand by hand routine that varies through the following:
Texas Hold'em
Omaha (four cards in hand play only two with 5 community)
Two-Thirds and its variants Low and High Chicago
69 Guts
Follow the queen
No peek for many of these above
Then we have a guy that likes to phug wit us and combine rules. So, I usually sit out his nonsense as a silent protest to his antics...

We usually buy in a $100 and the games go until sometime late into the night since we have to work in the morning. Usually, no later than 0100 is when we wrap it up.
I bought in with $70 the other night and came out with $230
but, that is an exceptional night. Most nights I drop 20-40 and have lost over $200 in one night but what goes around comes around....
Yeah... I've become a Texas Hold'em fan myself~ Even enjoy playing at now and then~

Any variation of Stud (5 or 7 card) is great too~
Baseball.. another variation of 7 card.. is about the only 'wild card' game I enjoy~ 2 down...4 up.. last card 'down and dirty'.. 9's are wild and 4's get you a free card~
Baseball is another regular game but we include 3s as well as 9s in the wilds.
FiftyFive is a five card incremental game that can go forever. You are dealt 5 cards down. The initial ante is $5 and you must re-ante an amount declared by the dealer usually 10 or more for each hand you choose to play. To indicate willingness to play a hand all players place their closed fist over the table and if you want to stay you have a chip in your hand. When you drop it and others also do so, you get two more cards and work the best hand. If you are alone you get two cards and play against the deck's top eight... It can build up some great pots. We have seen some over 80-90. We have a friendly game and don't do high stakes.
You guys haven't lived until you play the high stakes versions of "Go Fish", "Old Maid", and "War"!
almost every player you ask would probably give you a different answer so to make it simple ill just say that each player will pick the game he or she has the most skill at.nobody wants to play a game they suck at except golf.for some reason i keep playing but im not gettting any better lol.