Single topic debate #1


Okay let's organize this a bit and focus the debate.
I am a very strong proponent of Diesel fueled vehicles. Having said that, let me add that I am not promoting the use of massive turbo-diesels designed for Long Haul Commercial Trucking in Light Duty Pick-ups. For example, the Duramax 3500 Chevy, Cummins Dodge Ram 3500, and PowerStroke F-250/350 should have smaller diesel engine options throughout the range from Half Tons to One Tons.
I am talking about smaller more efficient near 2 to 3 liter diesels for passenger car use and general purpose transportation.
Gasoline in this day and age has no place in automotive arena (outside of racing applications and motorcycles) unless you are in an extremely cold climate that makes (naptha/kerosene/jetfuel) Diesel fuel's cold weather characteristics ie viscosity and freezing, a potentially fatal flaw.
Correct me if I am wrong and have a flawed argument.
My daily driver is a Trans-Am that runs 10.2 and gets about 17mpg, not bad for the kind of power it puts down but still getting expensive to drive every day, not to mention it's a killer with our winters around here, (tons of Pontiac torque + lots of ice = bad times) so I'm thinking of garaging it. I was looking into buying a RX-8 but from what I've seen they're not a whole lot better on the mileage thing (though they're a hoot to drive) so lately I've been checking out little stuff like VWs and a few SD Mercs with turbo diesels and thinking about getting one to put a WVO/Diesel dual fuel kit in.

I'm friends with a few restaurant owners who would be willing to help out and something about the idea of driving around for free on used fry oil just appeals to me.

Anyway I don't think that's a flawed argument at all. It probably wont be very long before I'll be running around in a direct injected diesel somethingorother that smells like french fries.
But hey, ya can't knock it if it's FREE!
Not doubt about it. WVO=Waste Vegetable Oil?
Sounds like a winner. I am starting to save all of my used oil to use in a future diesel powered vehicle I have yet to purchase. It'll probably be the TDI Ford Transit that I am looking into for use in a private venture Tourism Hop-On Hop-off service.
doesn't normal gas have a higher profit margin? I can't figure out why Diesel HASN'T become the number one thing on the road. and besides, I LIKE the fumes!
seems to me the only reason we are where we are is PROFIT... profit for someone else, not me.... profit for the governemnt guys and oil companies. If we can make engines that run on used vegitable oil, corn or steam, surely we could fix the technical issues with Diesel in the winter time. heck, whatever happened to the Electric Vehicle?
How about a turbo-Diesel hayabusa with 300ft-lbs or Torque can you say 240mph off the showroom floor?