Show me your digital dash /speedo

I'm going Fuel Tech for my ECU upgrade. FT550 or 600. However, that is a complete overhaul for ECU control and not just changing the dash out so this wouldn't be up your alley. Wonder if you contacted them, they may just have the dash with inputs you could purchase.
Will give them a shout, and see what they say, cheers
So found a price for a
MaxxECU STREET PREMIUM (ECU, harness, accessories and LSU 4.2)

For 850usd
So is this the "correct one" and would this suit a turbo build.

Many thanks neil
No I don't have fueltech or anything at the moment, I'm completely standard.

But it getting expensive, I have spoken with MAXX and their kit for my application is probably coming out to about 1800-2000 usd, which really is more than than I wanted to pay
But I do need to do the maths
Add up autoshift, woolich box and wideband controller, nitrous controller (or boost controller) and the Maxx is a pretty good deal. Much simpler to work with.
These are the things I need to weigh up, so might outlay up front and save in the long run

So if I had this kit would I still need a pc5

Thanks once again.
So what sensors will I need if I brought the race ecu
Turbo boost pressure
Oil pressure
Air pressure
Fuel pressure
Is this correct or any others

Do I need the knock sensor,?
And what about egt?
Many thanks neil
So Ive spoken to a few people, and opinions and prices and what I need seem to vary considerably, so need some help/advice pls guys
Apparently neither the sport or the race ecus don't need a boost sensor, as this is built in
Knock sensor or not, seems a good idea to me, but one company said I didn't need one
Sensor I gather are
air pressure
Fuel pressure

Also I belive I need 1 ignitor as it does 4 cyclinder

Thanks in advance
You would need one coil driver, fuel pressure, oil pressure. The MAP sensor is built in (at least on race). Knock sensor is cheap, EGT's can be bought cheap. Question is does the sport have enough input/output for everything you want to do now and in the future?
OK mate thanks for the reply
When you say the knock sensor and egt can be cheap, what cheap to buy, or cheap/poor quality
They are not expensive either way

Many thanks neil

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