Shaft broke in two


Have any of you experienced this? It was getting oil and has a scavanging pump too. Maybe it was just old? I haven't torn down the turbo to see what's left inside yet. Nothing went into the motor.
Anybody know what to expect $wise for a new shaft, seals and wheels? Would a newer type turbo bolt up and perform? Does anybody believe in cursed bikes? Actually, it was running great up until that point. This one seems like an easy fix after the other gremlin problems it threw at me before.
I looked at my broken turbo again today, its still broken. I'm going to try kicking it real hard tomorrow. After that I might try violent threats. If none of that works I might try to pull it apart. I'll post pics when I get them (of the snapped shaft, the wheels and the housings).
Man, there are alot of numbers involved in these things. F40, inlet #'s, oulet #'s, flange types, etc. I don't think Schucks is going to have any of this stuff.
broken turbo shafts don't come around from the turbo being "old". Something traumatic happened, either lubrication issues or something hard got into one of the wheels and caused rather sudden "rapid deceleration".

how many miles did you have on the turbo?
Lots of miles. Bert and I are figuring out a solution. Two of the exhaust turbine blades were gone, and the carbon seal in the center section was in dozens of pieces It squeeled first, then snapped. I don't know what could have gotten in there? No way to know now. I just have to start over and make sure I've got good oil pressure and no debris in the system before I fire it up again. The intake side was ok, which tells me that either the bearing seized or something fell into the plenum? I'm no expert, so it's just guesses for me.