Scorpio Alarm Wiring Harness and PCIII

I'm using a PCIII USB on my 99 Busa and I want to add a newer Scorpio i600 alarm system. I noticed there is an optional plug in wiring harness but before I jump the gun, I'm not sure where the wiring harness plugs in, and I want to make sure there won't be any conflict with the PCIII USB. Couldn't find any info on this via Search.

Also, if anyone knows a good place to purchase a new i600 (with black remote) that would be great. I noticed they are $319 on Scorpio's website. Thanks.


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the plug in harness has nothing to do with the pc3 usb, and if you pay that much for it you got robbed, why not go with the newest version the i900 for around 340
I figured there wouldn't be a conflict so that's fine.

Not really interested in having the i900 sense when I leave and return, which is apparently its only additional function. I'll pay an additional $20 for it but I assume I can find the i600 for less than $319 somewhere. The question is where.

Re: Scorpio Alarm

Apparently there are more Scorpio models than they even show on their own site, so an i900 for $340 sounds better than I thought. I found only one place, but I don't want to just randomly buy from a business that gives no business address on their site. Any help? I'm Googled out. :banghead: Thanks.
Thanks for the info StenBusa. Sometimes my visits to this .org are too quick and I have to admit I didn't think of checking the Sponsors at the time. I just came from Pashnit's site after ordering the i900 and harness. Obviously I just needed someone to smack me on the side of the head and tell me where to go :rofl:

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