Saw the '04 busa color schemes in person today


Suzuki as well as all the other cycle manufacturers have tents set up here in daytona for biketoberfest with all the new models. I saw the 2 new busa colors, the purple and black doesnt look too bad. The purple is a really dark metallic purple, that looks pretty good. The blue and silver looks pretty good as well. The 04's also now have a flash to pass switch and a switch for hazard lights. God I want my busa back, I hate thieves :sad:

:bowdown: <span style='color:blue'>Blue</span> and <span style='color:silver'>Silver</span> :bowdown:

I'm not worthy.

Any chance you could doctor a bike pic to be all silver??  I have been thinking of repainting all silver and adding graphics and I would like to see how it would look.

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The colors don't look all that bad, but it's really hard to tell from the pics on the Suzuki website. The purple looks like it might be similar to a deep amethyst, which should look pretty cool. :cool: