Saw some choppers today /for sale


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stopped to see them mot v twin powered but an inline 2 cylinder 250 ci engine non american motor ? bikes were pretty awsome , wheels and all looked customdifferent paints , 8 models to choose from ? any body ever seen these ? talked to a girl there , alls i could get out of her wasd the engine size was 250 , they were brand new , and cost 3500 dollars ?

good first bike ? nice alternative to other bikes in that price range !

choppers are basicaly low speed , cruisin bikes

next time i pass i will take some pics they were located at a place called suffolk county choppers in islip they all looked bad ass except for the engine

anybody ever seen anything like these or heard of them ?

if one of my sons were coming of age and wanted a bike , i might take a look at one of these , maybe they are junk ?
It's going to be the same thing as the cheap Chinese scooters and dirtbikes/enduros. Cruisers and sportbikes are now starting to show up. Do a google search on them and you'll see they are total 100% shid garbage. Most don't make it 10 miles without problems and by 50 miles the owners sell them to some other sucker. Many times the sleazy dealers will claim they have Honda engines but they are cheaply made knock offs that look like a Honda engine. The warranty never covers labor, just the parts and you have to have the dealer order the new part and then send the old one back...that's even if the fly by night dealer is still in business. Many times you can go to any ghetto city and find people selling that crap out of tents set up in parking lots. You may also find that it's not DOT approved and you'll be stuck with something you can't get a title for.
14-27 Hp at the rear ,,,,, What a dream come true

We've got a dealer here, if the bike is a Bering, who said they are from China. Real cheaply made with cheap and crummy grade parts. The one sport looking one does have AM-FM, CD and a MPG
! Auto trans with the rear brake on the left handlebar, so I can see me grabing the rear brake real quick to shift a shiftless bike and throwing my asp on the ground
. Anyhoo , they're really cheap crapola bikes, but do look good at first look