Save your aluminum can tabs


Could I ask y'all a favor? I'm sure most of you drink something out of aluminum cans, right?  If you would, please break off the tab you use to open them and save'em. Ronald McDonald House uses these to get free medical care for people. Mostly kids, but we are saving them for my ex-wife to get some of her chemotherapy care covered. She's an Orlando police officer with an 18 yr old at home, still in school. Anything you can do helps. She is doing great and recovering slowly. PLEASE do your self breast exams to catch any lump early and get treatment fast. And YES, a small percentage of MEN get breast cancer. Thanks for allowing me to get on my soapbox. Any questions? email me- I'll even pay to mail the tops to me. Thanks, Mark the fireman  SEE YOU AT BIKE WEEK! Ride safe