Someone save me


OK hear it goes, someone save me from myself. I just pulled my back wheel off and my front sprocket cover etc. I have what sounds like a load chain noise only on acceleration. If you decellerate its quiet. I cleaned and lubed the chain alot and took very good care of it. Tried to lube it, losened it, still funny noise on accell like a bad bearing couldnt find any water or bad bearing in rear wheel, although the drive cushes where kind of scared up from the hub rubbing in them not to bad though. I checked for play in the front sprocket none and I turned it no flat spots nothing. My buddy on the ZX12 was riding beside me he thought it was so loud he offerd me some chain lube at his house. Again this noise is on accel if you turn your head to the left just alittle and accel you hear it. Please tell me this is normal your bikes do it to its a Hayabusa trait or maybe someone has heard this same noise and has fixed it before????
Try using ear plugs.

It's hard to say without actually hearing it. A chain should not be that loud, though, not enough for someone else to hear it on the road, anyway. Maybe it's cam noise from the engine? How much slack is on the chain? What is the 21-pin length (should be under 319.4mm/12.57 in)? Could your friend obseve anything on the road (chain/wheel surging, swingarm movement...)? Is it a loud clicking noise that goes about 5-10 times a second at higher RPM, 2-5 times around idle?

No clicking noise I didnt measure the chain Stock chain 6000 miles sprockets look good no abnormal wear its only on acceleration to usually a loud chain will be all the time I thought maybe a bearing behind the front sprocket but it seemed ok he can hear it when he rides on the left side of me I cant feel anything in the wheel bearings either ...
Make sure it is tight. Mine makes a weird noise by rubbing on the rubber thing on top of the swingarm(when it is alittle lose) !