Sask Sport Bike Charity Calendar


It all started 3 years when I took a picture of a girl on my Busa and posted it on Saskatchewan Sport Bike Association: : Ride Flat Out! in a thread I started called "local bikes local girls". It soon became the most popular thread in the forum and is still in the top ten for posts and views.

A discussion started about doing a club calendar based on the thread. So I got some sponsors to come on board and pay for the printing. We raised 4000 profit that we donated to Breast Cancer Screening. This year we hope to double that donation.

This year we are starting it again an just in the stage of picking the girls to be in the calendar. We built a web site for the girls to apply to get in and for people to vote. These are all local girls, Saskatchewan, Canada. So I just want to invite everyone to come vote. There is only 24hrs left to get a vote in. We have 9000 votes cast at the time I am posting this. I am hoping to get over 10,000 votes by tomorrow midnight. So please come and take a look at the girls and vote. Saskatchewan Sport Bike Association 2010 Charity Calendar!

Mods forgive me for not checking with you guys before I posted this.
The biggest complaint of the first calendar was not enough bike. So we are fixing that problem for this calendar.
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the more pics I see from Canada...the more I wanna go there:whistle:

Here's another good reason: Bryan Adams, Nickelback, Anne Murray, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, and Avril Levigne are all here now, so statistically speaking, Canada is out of bad singers. Hopefully tou'll never have to hear them if you move north.
just a visit, never a move...I'm too much of a wuss to put up with the cold for long term. however, I do like Shania and nickleback
You know, ive been watching thsi videio for like 3 houtds now and havent seen a bike yer, buyt i dont feel cheated a bit. Sotrty for the bad trying to type with one hansd...:whistle:
Come on up...... all are :welcome:

some day hopefully. I've seen alot of great pics from up north (the scenery, not just the"scenery") the furthest north I've been is Colorado, 'cept when I moved a friend to Seattle, but it was just a straight 34hr drive, few hours rest, then a flight back home, so I don't count it. rough 3 day weekend road trip in a u-haul.:banghead:
We just hit 9500 votes and only 4 hrs left to vote. Thanks to every one that helped and voted today.
SO did she get picked? I've been watchig that video for 3 days now, have missed work, havent eaten, shaved, or done anything else. Still havent seen any bikes in that video.