33959Help a Brother out! Vote for my Girl!


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Hey guys, I need your help, the wife put a picture of our baby girl in this contest and she was winning by a huge margin until this morning(I suspect cheating on the other people). If we win we get a huge framed portrait of our girl.  
The contest is over at 1PM PST so we need some votes fast.  It only takes  30 seconds to vote

Step 1: Click on this link: http://www.photowow.com/new1....testID=
Step 2: Enter code 33959 and hit Go
Step 3: Vote her a 10 and hit submit.  

Thanks fellas and keep the throttle pinned!

Thanks for the help, you can if you want to, but they throw out a random number of 1's so vote like 3 or 4 on the other ones if you want. Or just the kid who is in first place which you can get to by going to the top 10 which is at http://www.photowow.com/new1....tID=449 and clicking on the photo of the other babies will take you to the voting.
Done deal...

There are a few very good pics in there~ One of which looked to be a portrait already, rather then an actual pic~

...best of luck to ya!
10 from me as well with a 4 for the leading competition. Felt a little guilty 'cuz the kid was cute. But I truly liked yours better!
Thanks for the votes fellas and Michelle!

I dont know what happened this morning, last night she was .50 ahead of everyone and all of a sudden she is down .10.
I entered a pic of my oldest son sometime last year...it was quite obviously one of the cutest pics (yeah, the ego on this Mom!), but the one that won was just "okay"...it comes down to how many soccer Mom's you know and how many of their friends they can pass it along to, and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends...

It's a great pic though...someone's extended family got the notification to vote for little Billy, that's what happened...
I voted "several" times

When I clicked on the "Top 10" you were in 2nd place. An average score of 8.28 vs 8.43. I'm not sure if it's a real time average or not though.

Good Luck
I thought it tracked IP and would only allow one vote per IP addy?
Hrmmm...get out and vote more!!!
Thanks for all of the help, I should have posted this last week but she had such a lead I didnt think it was possible for someone to catch her.

I guess I need to know more soccer moms!