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I have a chance to buy an 03 Busa that when it is started and is idling the oil light is on rev it up and the light goes off. The motor sounds OK and bike is not damaged that bad. Looking at it seems that the oil light was on and maybe it had an accident like falling out of the back of a truck so insurance would pay. It has some odd damage.
Any ideas about this light?
First off what is the idle set at? If I had to guess I would say that the oil pump is on its way out. Depending on how low the idle is the pump is putting out low pressure but once you rev it up the pump spins faster and makes enough pressure to shut off the light.
Also check the oil pressure sending unit for a loose connection.
How many miles are on the bike? If it is brand new, then I would be leary, especially with it being a salvage title.

If it's a high mileage bike:
The low oil pressure could also be cause by excessive bearing clearances. If the bike had been used for long wheelies, then the oil pump loses suction, which will lead to failed bearings.

What kind of "ODD DAMAGE" are you talking about. Was it violated by aliens? :laugh:

Are you buying it from a dealer, or individual?
<span style='color:red'>Get the VIN and have the local police check to make sure it's not stolen.</span>

There are probably people on here that can give you some more ideas. Just be patient and they'll pipe in pretty soon.

Good Luck
Ive got a good handle on what makes low oil pressure in any engine. I was just thinking maybe there was a problem with a hayabusa that might cause this. Its at a salvage yard bought from an insurance auction. Front wheel broken forks not bent. Exhaust cans scraped on the very back edge but no serious damage down the sides. You look at this thing and you say how did that happen but no damage here. Mostly concerned about the oil  light an possible engine damage