Safty product for Tires (Tyres)!


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I think Sport Rider did a test on them and they were terribly inaccurate. I think some were up to 10 pounds off. Plus since you have to remove your valve stem for them to work the only thing keeping air in the tires is the seal on these caps. Great idea, terrible execution.
While we are on the subject of tire safety. How do you guys clean the shipping coat off of your tires when installing them on the bike. I have found that slippery spot when installing new tires a couple more times than I like and Burning it off never seems to get the edges.

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I read in Motorcyclist that they are not very accurate.

Race, EVERY time I get a new tire I ride home carefully and get a Scotch Brite pad with the green scrubber on one side and a sponge on the other, and scrub (hard) the tires with water. It destroys the scrubber but takes off the slippery stuff. Works for me!
To answer WaterBug about the tire-safety thingys... I too read that they suck...

But, remember that if you are using a cheapo pen type gauge, they can read up to 5lbs. off either direction too.

I use a German gauge that I bought from Griot's Garage. It wasn't cheap... But, it kicks a$$ and is always balls-on! It came with three tips for different angle tire pressure checking. I use the 90° one for motorcycle tires because it fits very nicely in tight spots.

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Thanks for the info guys on the tires I have slid alittle when getting lower into a corner after the first couple of rides. The shop I go to will let me put my own tires on so I will scrub them in there wash sink before I put them on hopefully this helps some I hate slipping around on new tires.


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Yeppers...I read the same thing, inacurate good idea, poor execution.
I was thinking about trying to find a tire pressure system like that in the Vette, little sensors mounted inside the rim transmit tire pressure readings to a reciever like 5 times a second or something like that and are supposed to be accurate within just half a pound or so, you can even set it to alert you if they drop below a preset get a flashy light... shouldn't be to hard to do. Would be damn handy.

As for scrubbing of the release compound, I found, and I know it sounds loopy but driving a few minutes on a dirt road, rubbing a little dirt around the egdes at a stop...or scrubbing them things with a pan and handfulls a kitty liter do a pretty fair job. Rub the liter thoroughly across the tire, from the bottom works best, I don't recommend spooning handfulls of kitty litter across the tops of your nice clean bike.

Scotch Brite pad and water sounds good as well and maybe easier to deal with.


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Are you happy with your pressure gauge and if so who made it? I need something accurate, well as we all do.

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