Rode-On Tyre sealant


Ride-On Tyre sealant

Greetings Orgsters.... I put Ride-On tyre sealant in both my tyres on 7th Dec. I knew I had a nail in my front tyre as I was having to top up the pressure every 2nd day. I left the nail there and, to test the claims made by the product, I removed it only after installing Ride-on and re-inflating the tyres. Rode the bike for 2 km and right enough... the tiny hole was sealed and the pressure maintained without any loss. Bike runs smoother too. Bump absorption has improved and since then, I have never had the need to air up the tyres. The pressure's still holding. Plus I can ride with peace...... no punctures, no balancing required.


I went for a 245 km ride on 8th Dec and did couple of high speed runs. Max speed touched was 245 km/hr. It rode like a dream. I love the product..... Strongly recommend it.

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A friend of mine uses only that for balancing. The dealer messed up his wheel scraping a weight off Says it works for him too...
To me it really depends on the damage. Years ago I ran Fix-it-flat in the rears a half dozen times. Would not take the bike up in triples afterwards. Many will tell you to buy a tire. I never had an issue. Caught a discarded razor blade in a Michelin with less than 30 miles on it one time. Fix-it-flat wouldn't work, so I slimed it. That worked around town, but on the interstate at speed and beyond it painted the inside of my rear fender. Decided to replace the tire. The damage was too great.
I'm a little confused, did you fix the tyre after testing that the ride-on worked.

Because it's only supposed to be used as a temporary fix until you get the tyre fixes properly.

I've been using it for nearly three years and I got a puncture and it stopped the tyre deflating.
I replaced the tyre.

The peace of mind that if you get a nail in your tyre and it's not going to go flat is good.
Re: Ride-On Tyre sealant

You're nuts for riding your bike around with that kind of stuff in the tire. I've only ever used it long enough to get home and get the wheel off the bike. In my opinion you're taking your life into your own hands.