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With advice from Viper (thank you sir) i need to be looking for safety gear. i definitely want full body protection. how much should i be paying i dont want to go cheap but i dont want to get ripped off either so lets name some brands and send some links and prices and stuff hopefully this will help other to. thanks everybody.:thumbsup:
Post your size and measurements. There are lots of closets with second hand nice used stuff you can get..I know I have some to sell..
excellent choice good sir!!! There are a ton of gents on here who will be more then happy to help you find good saftey items for sure....i myself like icon equipment. Decent priced not overkill nice designs etc.
Have not priced gear in awhile but you'll probably need seven or eight hundred dollars to buy full gear, head to toe. I'm sure there's guys on here that pay fifteen hundred just for a suit.
One important factor you should consider is will the gear be for road or race track use? I have a Tecnik Mercury jacket and wear it year round in GA. I also wear leather gloves, A-star boots I got used and an Arai helmet. Not only should you consider the safety aspect, but the comfortableness of it because it you don't like to wear it, eventually you will stop.
Good stuff man. Gear is always a good investment of your money. And, I agree with Sous by defining what type of riding you will be doing as different riding needs different gear.

I ride with an ICON leather jacket, riding jeans, Joe Rocket Gloves, HJC helmet and AXO boots. That is mandatory for street riding for me.

I would also agree with these guys in looking up some second hand stuff like used jackets and one piece suits. As far as the othet stuff, I personally would want to buy used unless I know the seller and could verify the condition is truely like new.

Prices, I paid about $150 for my jacket (used) online from another forum I use, jeans were $50 on sale at cycle gear, gloves were $50 on sale online, helmet was $160 online, boots were $99 on closeout online

Hope this helps
I wear this under my leathers...
For long, multi-day road trips: Scorpion XDR jacket and pants (hi-vis, all season), modular helmet (hi-vis, integrated shield), gauntlet gloves (just bought heated gloves), goretex boots

For trips on roads/twisties: 2-piece Alpinestars leather jacket/pants (zips together to form a 1-piece); boots and gloves also by Alpinestars. Have a few full face helmets to pick from (Arai, Shoei, Icon, Scorpion, etc.)

For short city trips: SHIFT Kevlar jeans, ICON boots/gauntlet gloves/jacket and helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and back protector also by ICON.

I stalk ebay/craigslist or FS here and other forums. Some deals also from CLOSEOUTs by online vendors (revzilla, competition accessories, motorcycle superstore, cycle gear, sportbiketrackgear, etc.)

To give you an idea of my growing (never ending) hoard of perf/non-perf leather jackets (more have been acquired since this pic was taken)

If you can tolerate it, leather is your friend and any gear is better than none.:thumbsup:
Hi. I am looking into safety gear. What gloves,under suit, boots and back protector do you all like?, I have picked out my suit custom made Vanson ,Simpson carbon fiber Ghost Bandit. On the gloves I think I will get Held Titans unless some body knows a better brand. For the outside neck support I will look into the Leatt. For a back protector what do you think of Bohn?