Texas Cycle Gear


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Thay opened a cycle gear hear in Ft. Worth and all I have to say is......I LIKE IT!!!

First time I ever went in I had to buy a pair of boots. THere cheap!! I will be buyin all of my stuff hear from now on and thats all there is too it.

Hay Mark, dont you work at Cycle gear in Cali???

Just wanted to tell everybody that there open and thay have great stuff and great deals.

Can you say set of dunlop 208 with 120 fronts and 190 rears for only 208 bucks?!!!

I like it
Yeah I work at one of the ones out here. Glad you like it!! I may be going to Florida next year to open up stores there. We will see.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Hey Marc, When you come to Florida to look for a place to open a new store make sure it's in South Florida.
We have alot of riders down here.