RS3 yoshi slip-ons


i just bought a new 06 busa and i'm having yoshi RS3's put on.
The owner of the dealership told me today that i need to get the pwer commander to set up the bike because of the different back pressure from the new yoshi's,
Do you agree with him?
Thanks in advance,
he is wrong a power commander is not necessary
you may have some back firing and this can be taken care of by or

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No you don't have to have one.....but it will run best with a PC and a custom mapped dyno tune

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You don't NEED a PC but I would highly recommend it to avoid backfiring, a crisper throttle, and less surge on your rpm's. Just my two cents.
Thanks for your help guys.
I was trying to do this exhaust mod fairly cheap 1200-1400 canadian,.Since i just bought the bike.
Looks like i'll go with either two yoshi RS3 cans or a full 4 into one yoshi system.
for full exhaust - yes
for bolt on's -no
My bike runs sweet with just the bolt on's and the "marble mod"
If you plan on going full exhaust or making major engine mods soon and have the money you may as well get it. Bolt on's are pretty much just better looks and better sound with no real hp gains.
I'm going to get my Bus dyno'd this spring. I have only the bolt-on RS-3's. Can the ECU be re-mapped or do I need a PC for this? Is there a benefit to one way or another, or should I just leave it be? I'm thinking if the PC craps, I just unplug it and go, if the ECU goes....
I have no problems with backfiring and it seems to run just fine. It ain't broke, should I futz with it?
Mine (same set up ) didn't back fire -- but blew flames out the pipe on decel (per Gtrpimp behind me) -- I did the marble mod -- all cool
Easiest way to adjust for mods is with the pcIII and a good dyno tune
IMO there isn't enough bang for the buck in getting a pc for a bike with just bolt on's
I have heard the bike is "smoother" with the pc -- but mine is plenty smooth without and skaters bike ran better to him with the pc removed (bolt on's only also)