Stock busa! Worth to get TRE?

I got mine for $25 bucks from another memeber on this board. For $25 it's a cheap mod, should I ever sell the bike, I can sell it as "unrestricted".

Personally, I don't really care what it does, it was a 10 second snap in process and I was already in there for the PCIII and a bunch of other stuff, and I am headed off next week to get a custom map, so if it maps, it will map with the TRE as a part of it.
(umairhashmi @ May 21 2007,09:09) I dunno guys.The guy who has the 750 has been riding for yrs and yrs and he swears that his bike is much better after getting the Tre but then again its a 750gsxr not a busa.I guess it depends on the bike then.

My next mod will be a powercommander and a custom map + bmc air filter.Ever since i got the slip ons the bike seems to be a bit off at idle so i know ill benefit from the PC3 and the shop im getting it from is gonna give me the powercommander and the air filter+ dyno tune all installed for 700 cash.
This is the jest of the argument. You have about 250 years experience here on the board. i have been using the TRE for years to go over 200mph, if you don't use it for that get the bike tunned to your riding. It is not a magic product and will never be. lots of people fill it helps smooth out the ride, most of the time it is the tunning.
(Kanati @ May 22 2007,16:55) I had one on my 750 gix too...  I had mine as switchable too.  And truth to tell...  Any percieved changes were mostly in my head after doing some testing with it on and off...

I'm passing on it for the busa til I get the overwhelming need to go 200mph...  Which I'm sure will eventually happen, but not just yet.  I just don't think it does a whole lot (at least on the 750) to warrant it.
YES much is what we all think it will do...
I have the TRE on my stock busa. I do like to top my bike out when I can so I think its worth it for such an easy & cheap mod.
(Super Trucker @ Jun. 08 2007,14:04) A PC3 plus dyno time is roughly 600.00. a TRE is roughly 60.00. Shouldn't be a hard decision.
A custom map at the Yama place just down the road will cost me $195. MY PCIII was $250. So I am looking at $450ish.

It's not as expensive to get a PCIII as people think. If you are spending a grand on pipes then get the PCIII and tune it up, it's worth it.

If you keep the bike stock and want a little something to make you feel better get the TRE.

There is something to be said when you are asked "What is the top speed on this bike?"
"Well normall it's 186, but mine is unrestricted so ... 220 or until you get scared."