Rolling Busa Tour 2003


Hey July 7, I'm starting out on what I hope will be a cross country road trip. A lot of it depends on the weather, but for the most part this has been one of those life time dreams that I'm gonna take time to fulfill. so any advice from you other long distance riders.

I haven't picked a route yet but I'ld like to catch up with some of you as i'm rolling cross country.

Ok I'm open to advice regarding routes, siteseeing, anything really.
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:crimson'>Dezzy</span></span> Whatever route you decide, I highly recommend going through Colorado, Time it so you can hit Rocky Mountain National park at around Noon on a week day. Trailridge road runs across the Continental divide at about 11000ft, its a real blast! Kinda spooky as well! But a real rush. Also I grew up there so I can probably hook you up with a budy of mine in Ft.Collins.

Colorado is seriously hard to beat in the Summer, Lots of Canyons, few cops and light to no traffic in certain areas.
A couple of summers ago My Bro and I rode from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs, (about 300 miles as the crow flies, more in the mountains) without ever hitting a straight road. Took us about 9 hours but is a great way to really keep the tread balanced on your tires.
Dezzy..heading for Laguna??..sounds like you could be there in time for the "BIGGY"... Check out and order a Busa OverScreen..soft or hard luggage..then jam west young man..
I'd second the recommendation for Colorado. Tour the Breckinridge area, Independence Pass, Rocky Mountain National Park, etc. Also highly recommend Big Bend State Park in Texas. They've got mountains over 8,000 feet in the middle of the desert. Painted rock, dinosaur fossils, wild pigs, never a boring ride. I haven't been there, but I would love to see Yosemite, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, especially the Grand Canyon. Those are on my list because I would love to have the time and money some day to do what you're doing. Have fun! I would also recommend good rain gear and an electric vest! I've ridden through some really nasty storms out west, particularly in Texas and Oklahoma. They can really scare you out there by yourself.
Gentleman: Cross country seems like a great idea...a once in a lifetime chance to see the continent from 3 ft above the ground. Colorado, Montana, Utah and Grand Canyon are truely awesome.

But if you want an experience that will be engraved on your souls forever, and you do this in June, July or August, make sure to include the Canadian rockies----in particular Lake Louise and Banff (just west of Calgary). It is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. You have fantastic roads surrounded by the most beautiful mountains on all four sides. Lake Louise is absolutely breathtaking....more so than 225 mph on a busa!!! There are tons of awesome lakes, forests. Not even LoBusa's nice purple machine can compete with this scenery.

And if you can spare a few bucks, stay at the Chateau Fairmont Lake Louise or the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. You will never ever forget this place. I'm sure some of the folks on this site have been there.