This actually happened 6 months ago, just dawned on me to post my bad experience with them in hopes that no one else will do business with the idiots.

This place is FULL OF DUMBASSES. I ordered my UFO from them, 3 weeks later (after calling to remind them I ordered it) I get it but it's charcoal instead of silver. They have to make another so I hold on to the wrong colored one. They promised it'd be shipped in 1 week, but 3 weeks later it FINALLY ships. I called everyday after that first week. I finally get it, not perfect paint (run in the clear) so I wet sand it out and install it. Fits good. But dumbass calls me up or emails me asking if I could hurry to send the wrong one back and he'd be glad to reimburse me. I go out of my way to send it back promptly (unlike their lies to get my 2nd undertail out) and I have NEVER gotten reimburssed. Numerous calls (to apparently a full box answering machine) and can't get a reply to an email. I'll never do business with them again.

Okay I'm done venting, that's my .02 on them.

Just curious, is there any kind of action I can take to get my shipping costs back??
Not sure if it's really worth the hassle. If I can prevent others from getting screwed by them, it'll be worth it!

I havent' called or emailed in a few months, I think i'll start it back up.
Maybe they're voicemail box is empty now too?



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They are not too far from me. Just across the river. I've done business with them in the pass (over a year ago), seem pretty straight up. I can check on it this weekend if you want. Hopefully, it's not under new management.
Don't go out of your way to check on it, but if you happen to be riding around and go that direction it'd be much appreciated. If do you go, I'll be happy to PM you my name, address, date purchased, date recieved, and who I spoke with the whole time.

WITH MANY THANKS to Soon2Be for stopping by there and helping me out, it looks like I'll finally be getting my refund. Alex @ rocketsportbike said they don't check their email and haven't for months. I dunno if I believe that or not, but nonetheless I'll finally get reimbursed for the shipping of the undertail back.

Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH Soon2Be!!! I owe you!
ive dealt with alex a few times. he is local to me. hes a real nice guy and real good on prices, but never in a hurry for anything. btw alex is the owner.

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