Hi all ...........Thinking on either chroming or polishing my wheels.can anyone comment Which one will look the best and has the least maint?

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I personally like the chrome.I know for a fact that it is way easier to clean.Cleaning chrome with s100 total cycle cleaner is a snap.



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just wondering why you would chrome your rims and add weight in the area's you want it least? If your into the Bling Bling thing, by all means. But I personally would not waste my money on that crap, get some racing rim's instead and remove some weight instead of add weight. And the racing rim's look much better in my eyes than "Chrome". Just my 2cents.

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I aint gonna lie. I've had gold Marchesini's and chrome rims. They both look good depending on your mood. Always good to change it up everyonce in a while.

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