Riding months


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How many months of riding can you get @ your area.

I usually can get 8 months (April- November if lucky) in New England, with another in Florida ( 3 visits). I am sure that HawaiiBusa has us all beat?


I live in Georgia and I can ride pretty much year round except for when cold fronts come through in the middle of winter.


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Win 43win,

I am envious, although I have been through Georgia this past early Jan. through a storm ecch!!


Win 43win,

I am envious, although I have been through Georgia this past early Jan. through a storm ecch!![/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
I'd say 8-9 months of serious regular riding Mar-Nov. Other than that its spotty. Lots of really rainy and windy days here in winter. Not too cold, but kinda miserable to ride for fun.

I never have to pack the bike in for the winter, but Nov-Mar is pretty sparse. Maybe once every two weeks?


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12 months. Not all of them entirely enjoyable and frost-bite free, but 12 months, nonetheless.


Hayabusa Immortal
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12 months ... most of them too hot for leathers! Some rain of course ...


In Melbourne, Australia about 9mths with 3 of them being t-shirt weather. I do plan one day to move 1000 miles up north to the Gold Coast where i'ts 12mths all t-shirt and not too much rain and a few miles inland is subtropical rainforest full of twisties with a coast ride of pure surf beach.



12 months never rains well like 2xs a year perfect weather right now in the 80s but in the summer around 120 give or take mostly give.......im gonna need a thinner jacket.......heheheee.... but u can ride all winter here just have to have a warm jacket


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12 Months ,only had ice on the road 1 morning and
snow 1 day this year. Lots of rain but , my bike is my
only transportation .


Well, the price I pay for living in "God's country" is this - if the seasons hold, we can get in 6 months riding. Everything else is iffy. Can put on insulated gear and put on a few miles when its <50, but it ain't pretty (its only when you're desparate to ride - like last Friday night after reading the newest mags, etc.!!!



12 months a year here...just have to watch out for the summer downpours off of the everglades though.

Oh yeah...I'm in south Florida too.


12 months here also Arizona hotter than snot in the summer months but if you get up early and ride into the mountains its awesome........................................Knebnr


i learned how to ride when it was snowing!
my friend took out his bike and saw i looked like i wanted to ride
and was like hey man wanna go for a spin?

he said it'd be alright

and i havn't laid one down to date so i did alright that day..for a beginer! lol


I ride year round (even in the snow, we don't get much) but the 'Busa about 8 months (April - November but I rode it into December last year and it came out again in March due to the mild winter.


The Watcher
At least most of us are starting the ridding season. I hope we all are? It was 90 here last week and Monday they are predicting possible snow. ShhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT!!


Only reason i don't ride the 'Busa in the winter is I don't fancy getting home from work and sending a couple of hours cleaning it in the dark.
The salt on the roads just makes bikes look poop.
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