Riding in Style......


Advise on looking good when getting to work.

At times I will ride her to work. Would like to more often, but when I wear my really good stuff, it gets messed.
Pressed slacks get blown so much they are more puffy than pressed,
Expensive shoes - left shoe gets scuffed really bad where my foot meets the shifter.

Things like this make it difficult to ride as much as I would like. The advise I need, not have. I know, "Keep your good stuff at work and change when you get there."
That doesn't always fly.

Anybody with good tips, please let me know and share with all.
OK Cache, I have the same problem... I really do not like the fashion statement I make to and from work Dress shoes, geek socks, thin pants...I am with you. What I have been doing is wearing the jeans and boots with the Phoenix jacket, and carrying my work clothes in a back pack...I don't know what else to do really.
Accept maybe try to find a job riding bikes...Is Motorcyclist hiring?
i wear wrinkle free slacks, i keep a pair of shoes here in my office. seems to work good for me.
OH yeah, I hope you were talking clothes...Other wise...

Advise on looking good when getting to work.[/QUOTE]

I would make sure you got a full face helmet with a mirrored Visor...then just keep your helmet on...  
 Help keep the world beautiful.  

Wait did that come out right?
When I worked at Cisco, the Treasurer would ride in on a bike wearing an ugly one piece outfit (it looked like an all-weather thing). He'd get off the bike, unzip the thing, and step out wearing his nice suit.

Don't remember what he did for shoes, but he had a lot of storage on the bike (much more than a Busa).

That one-piece thing would be EXTREMELY HOT during the summer.
Yeah I briefly thought about getting one of those roadcrafter one piece suits, but in Florida I am pretty certain it would be painfull...
I would make sure you got a full face helmet with a mirrored Visor...then just keep your helmet on...  
 Help keep the world beautiful.  
No problem there, dark smoke shield. Only a little scary when it comes off.

What I have been doing is:
Wrinkle free Dockers, wear wind/waterproof overpants primarily used for golfing,
Black okay-looking shoes,
nice polo shirt.

That is not too often I can dress down like that to work. Maybe once a week. Maybe I will buy another nice pair of shoes to keep in my office. I can handle the pants not being perfect when I arrive. Maybe I should have my dry cleaning sent directly to my office..... hmm............
thin pants...
uh, hit some rain going home last night. Not wearing the cotton type Dockers, but the thin Polyester ones...

each raindrop felt like a bee sting on my legs..

I know some others here ride their busas to work wearing nice suits, etc. Gonna have to get my hair cut reaaaaaly short soon as it warms up a bit more. Too bad I cant do the bald style like Thinker and Havoc. No helmet hair! YES!
No helmet hair!
Here I might be able to give you a tip... Gel, mousse, etc. don't work good in a helmet. But... taffy does! It is a hair product in a short tub. Anyway, when you are done riding, you can adjust hair as necessary.

Also, it is a good idea to only use this stuff in a helmet where the pads come out and are washable... After many trips, it will build-up a little.

BTW - I also keep an extra pair of shoes at the office.
i always keep a spare suit and a can of shoe polish at work. Always wear a wrinkle free shirt,pants and tie under my leather coat that will go with my jacket at work. So far has worked for me but i am only 10 miles from work.
Dockers wrinkle free,get a tank bag to carry your shoes, get a aerostit
ch 1 piece they are nice but$$$$$$ and some sidi boots ez to get in and out of.or leave clothes at work leave early and change.or quit your job pick up a biker chick and ride cross country FTW.
Yea I was wondering the same thing, I would like to ride my bike to work as well, but I'm Military and I have to where a Military dress uniform to work (not wrinkle free). I would like to hear some ideas as well, and I agree the change at work thing doesn't alway's work.
Hey Purple you got it made actually..
You drive to work Monday, bring the class A's that you will need for the week.  Since you are in uniform it should simplify things some.  Fridays, drive again or bring a tank bag or something and either pack your stuff home or to the base cleaners.  Start again Monday.  Then when you ride in, a clean t-shirt is all you need under your leather and you hop into a closet or whatever like freaking SuperMan to  change...Or maybe UnderDog if you prefer. I don't know what to tell you about having a hard time changing at work accept show up early, and find an empty office, locker room, ready room, something...
 I kinda miss the uniform, really simplified the whole getting ready for work thing, not alot of decisions had to be made regarding what to wear.  Don't know if this helps but my .02.
Riding to work (47 miles each way), I do one of the following:

A. Tailbag with my work pants, shoes & socks in it (I wear jeans & boots for the ride).

B. Work pants on, but with Joe Rocket pants over them. Shoes in the tailbag, or under the hump if it's on the bike.

Shirt isn't much of a concern either way.. my jacket covers it. In the summer I ride with a Phoenix jacket. It's mesh, but I haven't had any bugs make it through yet.
For your shoes, get a shift boot. Its a velcro bootie that fits over your shifter lever and covers the whole thing. White new sneakers look that way when I get off. It's like $6.99. Also get an oversized "gas station" 1 piece coveralls type to go over your class A dress.
...Or maybe UnderDog if you prefer.
UnderDog? Man you're giving away your age!

Cache, for the shoes, if you have an old bicycle inner tube, you can cut a 2" wide section and slip it over your shoe. It will be black and won't slip when you put your foot down.