Repair estimate = $2,920.72


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Ok, so after having Lee's Cycles pick up my bike they just got back with me today with the Estimate. For those of you who dont know the people who shipped my bike screwed up the front/left side during the shipment. Here are the parts below.

Part Number: 94510-24f01    Upper Stay = 240.99
Part Number: 94611-24f00    Windscreen = 136.99
Part Number: 94621-24f00    R Dash = 27.50
Part Number: 94401-24f60-ny2   Cowling Assy Upper Blu = 457.99
Part Number: 09139-05025   Screw 5/14 = 1.99
Part Number: 08322-01053   Washer = 1.99
Part Number: 09159-05019   Nut = 4.99
Part Number: 44100-24fc0-ny2   Tank Assy Fuel = 778.99
Part Number: 44534-24f00    Cushion Fuel = 2.99
Part Number: 44535-24f00    Cushion Fuel = 1.95
Part Number: 56500-24f00    Mirror = 75.99
Part Number: 56600-24f00    Mirror left = 75.99
Part Number: 56200-08830    Bar End = 23.99
Part Number: 59800-24f00    Cylinder Assy = 167.99
Part Number: 42310-24f00    Stand Comp Prop = 77.99

Bike Pickup = 60.00
Insurance Repair Estimate = 90.00
R&R All Damaged Parts = 510.00

Parts Total = 2,078.32
Labor Total = 660.00
Supply Charge = 19.80
Subtotal = 2,758.12
Tax = 162.60

Total $2,920.72

Well thats it, and these parts are for a 2004 BLUE / SILVER if anyone was interested for the Part Numbers. Thought this could be somewhat helpful for people wondering about Retail prices on these stock parts. Now I submit my claim's packet and wait......

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damn that sucks
Does it really look like shipping damage or damage caused by some jackass that decided to take it for a spin during shipment?

Thought they screwed up the rear wheel too?
The owner of the BUSA is not responsable for paying for any damages that was done after droping the bike off at the dealer. Once the keys are in their hands they are 100% responsable for that bike...I know, recently went through that with the wife's Toyota Celica...
$510 to repair and replace what you could do yourself in 30 minutes. what a f'n ripoff!!! dealerships are pieces of s***

i know someone else is paying for it, but still its the principalities of it
I actually wanted to do the repairs myself and save that cash towards my turbo kit from burt @ 1320straightliners. But theres no way I can get around it, if they dont install the parts and have the write up when the shipping company asks about it later on and they say: "Oh he just paid for the parts and picked them up" then they will rape my bank account of XXX amount of dollars. But I hope I get my check soon >.<