Removing the front axle


Well I tried removing my front tire today, with no luck. The axle won't budge. Yes I losened the two clamp bolts on the right side. I am using a 15/16" bolt and a large vise grip to try to loosen the axle...but it won't budge. I guess I will have to break down and get the tool to remove the front axle. The dealer said it was $34. Does anyone know the part number, or something cheaper to substitute. It looks to me like it might have been cross threaded when it was assembled, I see little shavings. I hope not. Should it be that hard to remove?
Never use vise grips to loosen/tighten bolts (if I understand correctly). That might be why the shavings have appeared. Get a 22mm socket and a breaker bar. I you do not have that, you can use the 22mm wrench that comes in the 'tool' kit. Get a long pipe to fit over it and use it for leverage.

It should be a quite bit tight (that little tool will not loosen it as is).
I'm not sure if I understand. I have an '02 busa, don't know if they did the front axle different or not, but there is nothing to grab on to on the front axle, it is a 22mm hole. Like a socket well. I bought a 15/16" bolt from the hardware store, inserted it into the "hole" in the front axle, and then used the vise grip on the bolt to try to turn the front axle loose. That tool in the toolkit is useless to me without another piece that will fit into the axle.
its actually a 24mm hexagonal hole. is this the same on older models, is the toolkit supposed to come with an adaptor?
The 2002 front axle is different than other years, your right, this is a 24mm inverted hexagon shaft bolt, you have two choices
1) purchase Suzuki part #09900-18740 ( special hexagon wrench 24mm)
2) or purchase a 24mm "allen type" socket to fit on a 1/2 inch drive ratchet. (if you can find one...they do make them.)

Front axle torque is 72.5 lb-ft.

Good luck!