Regulator/Rectifier Issue


Man, I am highly disappointed right now. I still have a month of riding weather and I found this...



I was looking at fixing a loose wire in my tail this morning and I was going to test the regulator/rectifier and when I tried to unplug it the plug crumbled in my hands. Of course the portion of the plug that crumbled is the part on the bike harness. Wires are pretty stiff for an inch back or a little more so now I need to see if I can find a stock connector to cut the wires back and redo it and find a new regulator/rectifier. If anybody has one just laying around that would be willing to part with for minimal cost, please let me know.
I am not convinced that the reg/rec is bad. I cut the bad connector off and tested it per my service manual and it tests fine. I think I am going to cut the connector off of bike and wire direct and see what she does.
I don't blame you, but I would test the system. Would not want the Busa to catch fire.
Got her all back together. All the testing per my service manual showed fine. Put it back together, tested voltage at while it was running. Charging voltage at 5k drops to about 13.8, but that is about what I had earlier this year when I was checking stuff. I guess I will ride her to work tomorrow and try it out. Still hasn't fixed my problem...but I have eliminated the loose wire in the now I think I may have gotten bad gas...for the second time this year. My gas treatment is at work, so I have to wait to add that and fill her up.